It's the little things in life

Ubuntu has a project that they call their “One Hundred Paper Cuts”, where people list the little minor annoyances that detract them from truly enjoying using Ubuntu. You know, the little rough edges that annoy you for about two seconds every time you rub against them. Add that up and 2 seconds a day for days or weeks or years can get you quite annoyed. Interested developers or uses can then go in and tackle these paper cuts to smooth out the tiny rough edges. [Read More]

.Net wierdness

Argh. Every time I use a Microsoft programming tool or library, I am first initially amazed at how slick it is and how it solves 90% of my problems for me. The problem is that the other 10% is so hidden away and obscure that it is actually harder to use if they just decided not to hide the underlying functionality. Maybe the documentation for the StringDictionary Collection is just not telling what I want to hear, or maybe I’m not understanding it. [Read More]