Fedora is working great so far

Well, my migration from Ubuntu to Fedora on my workstation at work went pretty smoothly. There were a few hiccups (like my SATA to USB dock decided to act up at one point and I had to wait until I scrounged up another internal SATA cable to plug the old drive into the motherboard) and Fedora had some strangeness at first, but after a yum upgrade or two everything was a-ok.

The main bit of install-time strangeness was that I had to edit the /etc/sysconfig/network file by hand to set my static IP instead of DHCP. The network manager utility tried to load into the system tray the first time I logged in, but it wouldn’t come up at first (the error message said that it wasn’t compatible with this version of Fedora any more??), but the next day after a yum upgradeit popped up in the system tray at the top where it was supposed to be. That was pretty weird.

I must say, I am liking Gnome 3 very much. I got used to some of the Unity keybindings but the Gnome 3 ones match exactly how I work. I use a 2 monitor configuration and I keep a Byobu terminal open on one screen at all times, which is exactly how Gnome 3 does it. I also prefer to have a single row of virtual screens instead of the 2x2 grid. I rarely used the virtual screen feature of Unity until recently, but the Gnome 3 layout makes way more sense.

Canonical has done a great job with Unity, but Gnome 3 seems to fit my workflow a lot better. I also didn’t like how with the latest version of Ubuntu, the Unity menu would take forever to come up. Fedora with Gnome 3 feels so much snappier on the same hardware.