About me

I’m a lifelong musician and computer geek. By day, I am a mild mannered IT guy specializing in Identity Management and cloud operations. On nights and weekends, you can sometimes find me performing with a band.

My history

I was born and raised in Texas, did a stint in the Army from 2001-2005 (active duty Infantryman with the 1st Cavalry Division) and Army Reserves from 2006-2009 (Small Arms Readiness Group) where I learned a whole lot about breaking stuff and shooting guns.

I currently work as an manager in charge of a team that manages a large portion of the IT services for staff, faculty, and students at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

I’ve played the drums in several bands over the years, everything from alt-rock to rock to country. I’m currently taking a bit of a break from music but who knows what the future might hold.