Hey there, welcome to my blog site. It will be dedicated to the things that I am interested in, primarily music and computers.

Ren Faire == Exhausting

Went the the Sherwood Forest renaissance faire over the weekend. It was the first real outing of the year since it was so nice out. We had the standard “meats on sticks”, Margaret had some mead, and Daphne and her friend enjoyed doing a little shopping at some of the booths. The only drawback was having to drive 2 hours there and back, and when we got in late Saturday afternoon we were wiped out! [Read More]

March Madness

Wow, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? In the last few years since I posted, my wife was diagnosed with a serious chronic condition, my family learned to love the cruise life, the whole world went through a pandemic, and the Cold War rides again.

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Revamped the Blog

Well, I finally got around to revamping my blog. I hope to get back into the habit of posting more often. I took the opportunity to switch to another blog engine (Hugo) and also to switch my SCM from github to gitlab.

What’s been going on this last 6 years, you ask? A lot has happened. I’ve been in two bands since then, I am a grandpa for the second time, and I was promoted to a manager position leading a team at work

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I'm super stoked about the CD

In case you aren’t following my band Road Home on Twitter, Facebook, or our website (you should be!), we are having a CD Release party for our first CD on April 19th. I am super stoked about this. I submitted the final project to the printer yesterday and we should have the discs in hand next week (but you can’t get one until the 19th!!). The album should also be available in the iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play music stores, and also Spotify and a few other online streaming sites. [Read More]
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When work becomes fun and vice versa

So I have been asked by my lovely wife to help her out with a project that she wants to do at her job. I can’t say too much about it, but it requires some custom software to be written. We sat down the other day and sketched out some initial ideas of what the software would need to do, and how the users would use the software (initially just her and a couple others, but later on it could be the entire organization). [Read More]

It's the little things in life

Ubuntu has a project that they call their “One Hundred Paper Cuts”, where people list the little minor annoyances that detract them from truly enjoying using Ubuntu. You know, the little rough edges that annoy you for about two seconds every time you rub against them. Add that up and 2 seconds a day for days or weeks or years can get you quite annoyed. Interested developers or uses can then go in and tackle these paper cuts to smooth out the tiny rough edges. [Read More]

Fedora is working great so far

Well, my migration from Ubuntu to Fedora on my workstation at work went pretty smoothly. There were a few hiccups (like my SATA to USB dock decided to act up at one point and I had to wait until I scrounged up another internal SATA cable to plug the old drive into the motherboard) and Fedora had some strangeness at first, but after a yum upgrade or two everything was a-ok.

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Played an excellent gig last Friday

We had a great show on Friday night at the oddly named “Cocky Rooster” bar in Comfort, TX. This is a pretty cool little hole-in-the-wall bar with some really laid back and fun people. There were some regulars that remembered us from last time so that was pretty cool. I have to say, I haven’t even picked up a pair of sticks since the last gig and I was surprised at how well I played. [Read More]

.Net wierdness

Argh. Every time I use a Microsoft programming tool or library, I am first initially amazed at how slick it is and how it solves 90% of my problems for me. The problem is that the other 10% is so hidden away and obscure that it is actually harder to use if they just decided not to hide the underlying functionality. Maybe the documentation for the StringDictionary Collection is just not telling what I want to hear, or maybe I’m not understanding it. [Read More]

The 'other' Mark McCoy

By the way, if you search Google for my name, you might find markmccoy.com (not linking it, you can go there if you want but I don’t recommend it). That is not me. That guy is a crazy conspiracy theorist and probably my exact opposite. Maybe he’s a doppelganger who has a goatee (Evil Me).